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5 Tips For Your Regeneration Days

After the holidays our body longs for light food, a lot of rest and gentle fitness for a good start into the new year. With these simple tricks, the first time of the year is like a little wellness holiday:


yoga, meditation, exercise, walking, swimming


Waking up with yoga:

It doesn't have to be much to gently get your circulation going in the morning before you get up. Stay on your back and rub your palms together first. Now stretch your legs into the air and carefully pull your toes towards you. The small reversal in the body lets the blood flow in the direction of the heart and thus stimulates the circulation.

Light food:

Give your body a break after the many good meals at Christmas time. Start in the morning, for example, with a warm porridge, which saturates quickly, lasts long and offers valuable ingredients. Don't forget to add a drop of oil to the oatmeal and an apple so that your body can absorb the important iron.

Sufficient exercise, but please without ambitious goals:

A walk with your loved ones after a meal or by bicycle to your best friend - small portions of exercise in the fresh air are of great value to your body and help to dispel fatigue. Light exercise in the fresh air is especially good fun!

Plenty of fluids:

For our well-being we need plenty of fluids every day. Fruit and herbal infusions bring a variety of flavours and are also popular cold thirst quenchers. If you want it to have a stimulating effect, black and green tea are the right choice due to the caffeine it contains. Whether cold or hot, as a blend or pure: the tea diversity is huge and offers variety at any time of day.

A hearty laugh:

We should start the year without stress and enjoy the many beautiful little things and situations in life. What is it that gives you special pleasure? What is guaranteed to make you laugh? If you pause in these moments, then you can store the luminosity of the moment in yourself and start the new year relaxed and happy!


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