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Preparing Matcha

The preparation of Matcha is a ritual in itself:

The Matcha powder is stirred in a little cold water with a bamboo brush until it becomes foamy. Then 80°C hot water is poured over it and the tea is again stirred. There is no brewing time, as is usual with most teas, because the tea is drunk in its completeness, including the precious nutrients of the entire tea leaf. Enthusiasts of Matcha tea therefore imbibe a far higher quantity of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential amino acids than drinkers of normal green tea.

Matcha Superfood Know-how

1. If you drink Matcha (or other tea) with milk, you should know that cow's milk reduces one or the other positive effect. With soy, almond or coconut milk, all active ingredients remain in full strength.

2. Some swear by a spoonful of coconut oil for a particularly fine-pored Matcha cream. The oil makes the Matcha even creamier and the taste stronger.

3. Welcome additional benefit: The (coconut) oil makes the fat-soluble vitamins and Matcha ingredients available and absorbable for the body. Some call this Matcha bulletproof.

Pure or Blend? Matcha, Superfood for every taste

Pure Matcha varieties and direct imports from Japan offer alveus® in good to best quality - from Beginner's Matcha for every day to Matcha One for special occasions. The variety of flavours ranges from mild, dark to fruity and sweet.

With the four Matcha Blends there is something for every good taste: Matcha Spicy Chai with e.g. maca root, ginger. Matcha Supergreen with spirulina and wheatgrass. Matcha Ginger Lemon with spicy ginger and lemon. And Matcha Bergamot with even more refreshing citrus notes.

Matcha Ice Cubes - The healthy thirst quencher on hot days:

For 10 Ice cubes


1 tsp alveus® Matcha

200 ml hot water


Place alveus® Matcha in a bowl and mix with hot water. It becomes clumpless with a matcha whisk. Let the liquid cool down for 5 minutes. Fill into an ice cube form and freeze for 8 hours.

Afterwards you can serve the ice cubes in any drink.


Matcha Latte - Our delicious pick-me-up:


½ tsp alveus® Matcha

50 ml hot water

200 ml frothed milk


Add the alveus® Matcha to a small bowl and mix with 50 ml hot water. A Matcha whisk will prevent any lumps from forming. Fill a glass or cup with the liquid and then add the frothed milk (soya or regular).

Sweeten the Matcha Latte with honey or agave syrup (vegan) if you like.

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