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Tips and Tricks For the Perfect GreenTox® Cleanse

There’s a wealth of knowledge about GreenToxing®, but there’s no need for it to get complicated.

If you think you need to devote a lot of time to a GreenTox® cleanse, you’re mistaken.

GreenTox® makes it easy for you. For sports fanatics and beauty queens alike – we have the perfect GreenTox® companion for everyone!

It’s easy to plan your 4-week GreenTox® cleanse yourself. Choose your favourite from SKINNY, BEAUTY, BOOST or SPIRIT during the day and add the NIGHT tea for evenings.

Wake up with a fresh cup of the GreenTox® tea of your choice. In combination with a yummy bowl of muesli and fresh fruit or a colourful smoothie bowl, it’ll give you a healthy, vitamin-rich start to the day!

Drink plenty of water throughout the day! If that bores you, add fresh ginger, lemon, mint or lime to the water. These give the water a naturally fresh taste and ginger and lemon also boost your metabolism.

Lots of raw veggies and healthy carbs! Raw vegetables are particularly good for assuaging your hunger. A vibrant mix of vegetables and fruit provides the vitamins you need and gives you strength to get through the day. A light dip made of yogurt or quark lends unglamorous veggies a delicious touch.

Whole-grain products are healthy, fill you up fast and keep your hunger satisfied for a long time.

Exercise is good for the body – and helps it get rid of toxins more quickly and effectively. That’s why sport is essential for a healthy body, in addition to healthy eating habits.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym – easy exercises and short repetitions are enough to keep fit.

Mark the end of the day with a cup of NIGHT GreenTox® and savour a moment of tranquillity.

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