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What Is The Best Time To Drink Matcha Green Tea?

What Is The Best Time To Drink Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha Green Tea is a high-quality, powdered green tea made from the leaves of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. It is more than just tea. It contains nutrients such as EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). 

Matcha greens tea is made by grinding the green tea leaves into a fine powder. The powder is then whisked with hot water to make a thick, glossy liquid called matcha. Matcha is popular in Japan and is a popular drink in many countries now.

In Japan, where matcha is the predominant green tea, it is usually matched with breakfast or mid-morning. 

A matcha latte is usually the drink of choice. However, in the western part of the world, matcha green tea is most often served with lunch or dinner. Most health practitioners here recommend drinking it in the morning.

Matcha green tea is also expensive, so purchase it only if you are completely sure of consuming it! If you are paying for a pound of matcha green tea, you may expect to pay at least 15 euros more than you would for a cup of regular green tea. 

The reason for the price increase is that matcha green tea has more antioxidants and minerals than normal green tea. It is a better choice for health.

When Should You Drink Matcha Green Tea?

We have learned that it’s best to drink matcha green tea at any time. The best time to drink matcha green tea is in the morning. This way, when you wake up, your body will be ready for your first cup of matcha green tea. Your body will be energized because it hasn’t been asleep for that long.

The most popular time that people in general drink green tea is in the morning, on an empty stomach, with a cup of water, or with breakfast. These are the times that the matcha has been allowed to do its work. 

If you drink it at any other time, you are just going to be drinking it for the taste or the caffeine, and you still won’t be getting the full benefits of the matcha.  We recommend that you drink it for breakfast as it allows you to start off your day with a healthy choice.

How Should You Preserve Matcha Green Tea At Home?

Preserving matcha green tea at home requires some extra care and a few extra tools. You also need to know what matcha looks like once you store it. Matcha powder is brownish in color, and it has a strong, earthy, and often sweet smell. The first step to preserving matcha green tea at home is to buy high-quality matcha green tea.

Matcha green tea should be used within 60 minutes of brewing. If you are going to consume matcha on a daily basis, a glass bottle can be a practical container. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a matcha dispenser. The traditional bowl-type device also keeps the tea warm and allows for the best taste.

To preserve matcha green tea at home you have to follow the instructions of the production of matcha green tea. 

The most important thing is that matcha green tea has to stay in the glass container of matcha green tea for no less than six months to reach optimum taste. 

If you put it in the refrigerator, you have to let it out for at least an hour before use (or one hour after consumption). The matcha green tea in the refrigerator or with an extended period of time will have decreased in its value, while the matcha green tea that has been kept in the glass container is the most valuable.

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