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Black Tea

When it comes to popularity in the West, black tea stands head and shoulders above the rest. Made from the same tea leaves as green and oolong tea, black tea owes its characteristics to the way that it is produced.

As green tea is unfermented, and oolong semifermented, so black tea is a fully fermented tea: that is to say, one whose leaves are left to oxidise completely.

Black tea was first produced in the Fujian province during the Ming Dynasty. There are different versions of this story but one legend says that an army entering the Fujian Province were exhausted and so stopped for a rest. They just so happened to stop near a tea factory where the leaves were drying out in the sun.

The army wanted to try these leaves and needed to speed up the drying process so they could carry on with their journey after their rest. To do so, they decided to smoke the leaves and inadvertently invented the Lapsang Souchong variation of black tea.

Black tea remains the most popular tea variety worldwide with a rich cultural importance in many countries. Originally, black tea was dried and stored in bricks enabling it to retain its distinct color and flavour for many years and was therefore historically used as an important bargaining tool in trade agreements. This was well before people knew much about food preservation.

The drying method would also ferment the tea in a way that would increase the amount of caffeine per cup compared to other teas. The caffeine was important because this meant black tea could be used to boost energy for meditating monks, those on long voyages or for medicinal purposes.

While all black teas tend to be stronger in taste, and higher in caffeine, than the less-fermented teas, their other characteristics are far from uniform. Black teas come in a kaleidoscope of flavours – and we are proud to stock some of the best from around the world.

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Generally speaking, premium black teas contain more caffeine than other types of tea like green, white and oolong, because the oxidation process is longer. The result is a higher concentration of caffeine and a stronger flavor that can be retained in the leaves for years.

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