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Why You Should Buy Detox Tea at Hana Tea House

Detox Tea

It is believed that detoxing is beneficial to the body as it helps to rid the body of toxins which you may have acquired through food and drink consumption, and other consummative lifestyle choices. For this reason, a detox diet is made up of fresh fruit, veg, and non-processed food. Cutting out unhealthy food and drink and replacing them with healthier alternatives can aid weight loss which is why some people choose to detox to trim down.

Herbal teas are another natural product which are suitable for drinking when detoxing or as a healthier alternative to Irish breakfast tea. Herbal detox tea is suitable for when you are in a period of trying to reduce your toxin intake as they are unrefined and will help to purifying your system along with a healthy diet.

Following a teatox diet is also believed to detox your body through the consumption of tea, as well as reducing abdominal bloating and weight temporarily, to give a slimmer appearance.

It is a known fact that a good cup of tea can set the tone for an exceptional day ahead. Great conversations happen over tea, and it is known to bring people together across cultures and communities. When you sip tea in solace, it heals your body and senses, remember there is a tea for every mood.

At Hana Tea House, we are committed to delivering connoisseur grade whole leaf tea from prominent award-winning tea estate’s which manufacture superior quality teas that are fresh, have an outstanding flavour, aroma and taste. We source our tea from tea gardens which follow best practices in the areas of cultivation, sustainability and labour welfare.

We understand the journey from being ‘Plucked at the bud, to the cup’, utmost care and attention is paid to storing and handling of the tea leaves. We use the best in class packaging material at every stage. Our teas are packed in beautiful air tight and recyclable containers which protect and keep the tea leaves fresh. Each tea comes with brewing instructions and recommendations.

Shopping with Hana Tea House

We showcase teas that have an exceptional taste, appearance and flavour. You will not find these teas in retail and supermarket stores. When you are looking to buy or shop for Detox Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Chinese Tea, Japanese Tea and International Teas online, you are assured of the best quality teas available at best prices.

If you are searching online to buy Detox Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Gourmet Tea, Herbal Tea, Wellness Tea, Tea Accessories. At Hana Tea House we assure you that you are buying the best expert-curated tea for its outstanding flavour and health benefits. We feel proud of our heritage and quality, which makes us the preferred online tea store for buying tea from Ireland.

Every tea has a story. We can share experiences, stories that conserve history, secrets, heritage, insights, curiosity, laughter and inspire learning, because we have, lived a lifetime in the tea gardens.