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Amazing Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Traditionally, earl grey is a fusion tea comprised of black tea leaves infused with fresh bergamots. Given earl grey has been voted as one of Ireland’s most popular black tea, Hana Tea House has extended our range to include earl greys elevated with complementary floral tasting notes, organic earl grey, decaf earl grey, and miss grey.

As you have seen here, we offer a beautiful array of premium earl grey tea for you to enjoy. In particular, we offer a number of flavour variations to suit every taste. Our earl grey teas are perfect on their own or can be enjoyed with a splash of milk and honey for sweetness. Consider adding earl grey tea into your daily tea ritual, and enjoy the delicious citrus flavour of this classic household favourite.

With Hana Tea House, shopping for fresh tea leaves online from Ireland is easy because you make an informed purchase and you know exactly where your tea is coming from. These are the benefits of buying tea online from our website. Every batch of tea we procure is put up on our online tea store along with its date of plucking/picking, specialty, tea grade and source plantation. And so, every time you sip one of our teas, you are in the company of the most authentic, professional, transparent and world class tea experience there is.

Drinking earl grey tea serves the dual purpose of being beneficial for the body as well as satisfying in taste. Earl grey is great for improving digestion, and the caffeine from the tea leaves provides a great energy kick, making earl grey the perfect cup to start the day. However, caffeine-sensitive drinkers can still enjoy the unique bergamot flavour in earl grey by picking up our decaf version here.

Contrary to popular belief, earl grey and other black tea fusions are not diuretic beverages. This means sipping earl grey can keep you hydrated throughout the day and serves as a great alternative to proven diuretics like coffee.

Lastly, the bergamots in earl grey contain high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, which assist in boosting your heart health, keeping you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day!

The History of the Famous Earl Grey Tea

According to legend, the origin of this well-known blend of black tea and bergamot goes back to the Englishman Lord Grey. During a violent storm on an English merchant ship an accident occurred: the cargo was shaken so violently that bergamot oil poured onto the black tea on board. Bergamot is a citrus fruit and therefore has a very fresh aroma which harmonized well with the strong black tea.

Arriving at the port, the then British Prime Minister Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Fallodon, decided not to dispose of the cargo that had allegedly been involved in the accident immediately, but to try the tea first. The surprising result: the random mixture of black tea and bergamot tasted very good to the people! Due to the great demand, the now born Earl Grey tea was immediately put on the market.

Today Earl Grey tea is by far one of the most popular black flavoured teas. It is an integral part of the British tea table - no high tea without Earl Grey! - and is not to be excluded also from Irish tea shelves any more. What luck that we have all sorts of things to offer that the Earl Grey tea heart delights in!