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The Most Popular Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is thought to have been produced in China for thousands of years starting in the South-Song Dynasty (approximately 1240) and further developed during the Ming Dynasty. It is believed that the jasmine plant was originally brought to China along the Silk road from Iran (then called Persia) in around 300AD for decorative purposes only. It wasn’t until much later that the sweet scent of the jasmine flower was recognised for its qualities in tea.

The production of Jasmine tea was perfected over hundreds of years and really reached a height of popularity in the 1900s when it started to be traded overseas in large proportions, particularly to Taiwan where they eventually invested in the plant seeds and started growing the plant itself. Although jasmine continues to be produced in Taiwan to this day, Chinese Jasmine tea is regarded much more highly for its quality and the skills of the craftsmanship which have been passed down through generations.

The production methods used for jasmine tea needed reassessing in the 1900s when its popularity grew and production spread to all parts of China. The plants had to be grown indoors in pots in some regions because of the differing temperatures and climates. These changes inevitably led to raised production costs.

Later in 1980 the Guangxi Province became the most highly regarded province to develop the best jasmine flowers after a government drive and lots of investment. To today the popularity of Jasmine tea shows no signs of degrease.

The Unique Qualities of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is probably the most popular flavoured green tea of all. Other than Chinese green tea which is usually used as the base, jasmine flavours can sometimes also be found with white teas. The jasmine blossom offers a delicate sweet fragrance to the tea making it a good accompaniment to most meals especially spicy ones.

The preparation of jasmine tea demands a great deal of skill, understanding, dedication and experience. It is a practice which is often passed down through generations. Jasmine season is very short as the flowers tend to blossom in June so it’s all hands to the deck for a short period of time.

Jasmine tea is incredibly popular all over the world due to its smooth, delicate flavour and beautiful fragrance. It also offers a uniquely appealing appearance thanks to the colourful petals and silvery leaf buds making it a fantastic gift option for any tea lover.

Backed by health experts advising to drink jasmine green tea for a calm mind and calmer nerves, it works perfectly to relax your body when feeling exhausted or weary. So, night time works just fine as mornings for the abundant health benefits it lends.

When looking for a light beverage to accompany your fast-paced life, jasmine tea comes off as the best option. Not to forget, the best yields of tea are plucked as summer’s second flush and processed to give you the finest taste of elegance and luxury.

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