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Organic Mate: A Healthy & Superior Coffee Alternative

Organic Mate

For their stimulative effects, coffee and organic mate are often compared as they both contain caffein however that is about all they have in common.

Unlike coffee, organic mate hydrates and alkalizes the body. Along with the noticeable boost in energy and hightened awareness, organic mate also provides dozens of nutrients and thereby provides a balanced, sustained increase in stamina.

Another effect commonly attributed to drinking organic mate is its ability to suppress or postpone the appetite and promote healthy digestion, therefore it can help significantly in maintaining healthy body weight.

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Organic Mate is a South American infusion made from the leaves of Paraguayan holly. In addition to the high content of natural caffeine, organic mate is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Depending on the composition and presence of additional ingredients, there exist different types of organic mate.

Despalada is devoid of sticks and contains leaves only. Elaborada is a traditional organic mate with twigs. It has a distinctly bitter flavour. The opposite is the so-called mate green or organic mate green. It is dried with air, thanks to which it has a lively color and a fresh, mild taste. If you are just starting out, you should opt for organic mate with fruit or herbs. These types of blends of organic mate will be perfect for beginners. They have a delicate, balanced taste. The additional ingredients found in organic mate are usually characterized by pro-health character.

Organic mate to lose weight? A great idea! Organic mate suppresses appetite and stimulates the digestive system. In conjunction with a healthy diet, it can help you get a slim fit body. In our organic mate store you will find many herbal and classic organic mate blends that will help you lose weight!