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Pukka Tea Is Ideal for Refreshment

Pukka Tea

Health and happiness go together, Pukka tea by Pukka Herbs is on a mission to increase both by supplying delicious, wellness-enhancing organic herbs. The company uses these botanicals to create a whole range of flavorful and nutritious teas, coffees, foods, snacks, and health supplements. Pukka, a Hindi word that means “authentic,” fits the genuine, high quality, organic herbs that make these products invigorating and, in many cases, fragrant and richly savory. Their ethically-sourced ingredients come from over 50 countries globally, in every one of which they encourage sustainable farming.

Pukka’s unique range of award-winning organic teas lift you, soothe you, and refresh you. Their delicious teas start with the highest-quality organic herbs, rich in natural oils, and are carefully and ethically sourced from around the world.

Pukka Herbs have created an extensive range of delicious organic herbal teas for every mood and moment. Each tea is specially blended by their own master herbalist Sebastian Pole to create the most flavoursome teas with unique therapeutic properties to help balance the body and mind. All the herbs used in their blends are fair trade and independently grown to ensure minimal impact on the environment. All ingredients made on Pukka teas are 100% natural and organic and do not contain any artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Translated from Hindi to mean ‘authentic’, ‘genuine’ or, more colloquially, ‘top-quality’, ‘Pukka’ is a unique line of organic bio-nutrients and herbal teas grown on beliefs in Ayurveda – the ancient Indian art of living wisely – and the incredible health benefits of organic herbs.

A cup of Pukka tea sums up the company’s philosophy with its nourishing, healing array of essential oils and combination of carefully chosen Ayurvedic herbs. Every part of the business is based on thoughtfulness and a deep appreciation for the health of both people and the environment. Their herbs are chosen to soothe away stress, boost energy, sharpen memory, or give fitness seekers more power, strength, and endurance. In a similar way, their suppliers and methods are picked for their ability to work in harmony with the planet’s well-being, rather than harming it.

Pukka Herbs is a company that has mapped out its carbon footprint from the planting of the herb seeds in faraway fields to the final blending of teas or supplements. With this “crop to cup” data, they work tirelessly to find every place where they can reduce that carbon footprint and environmental impact, and then reduce it again. They already meet the standards set to limit global warming to two degrees or less. They also promote sustainable healthcare, renewable agriculture, and other important initiatives.

Ayurveda Is at The Very Heart of Pukka Herbs

Ayurveda is an ancient philosophy and the traditional medical system of India. It uses natural remedies and lifestyle recommendations to give optimum health. In a nutshell, Ayurveda aims at helping us to live a healthier and more balanced life. Taking into account our unicity, the wisdom of Ayurveda encourages us to take responsibility for our own health.

To live in harmony with our body and stay in optimum health, it focuses on food, lifestyle, massage, yoga and herbal remedies according to the major factors that have a big impact on our health: different stages of our lives, the seasons, and the environment we live, work and play in...   as it makes sense to adapt our lifestyle accordingly.

Life presents us all with challenges, but fortunately there are opportunities that can offer us valuable guidance on how to manage these. Ayurveda is one of them.

Ayurveda is not about sacrifices, it is all about living life to the full - whatever life throws at you - and so keeping yourself on top form.

Easier said than done! How to adjust your diet and daily life in accordance with how you feel and what you need to empower your life are the core principles of Ayurveda.

Pukka organic and ayurvedic herbal teas and natural bio nutrients introduce you to the natural benefits of Ayurveda.