Tea Basics


Green tea is known for its antioxidant effect, which has a positive influence on cell ageing and thus creates a healthy skin appearance. Traditional Far Eastern medicine considers green tea to be a cure for many physical and psychological ailments.

Today we know that this highly prized effect is due, not least, to the combination of its active ingredients, caffeine and catechin. This fact ensures that it is primarily the mind which is stimulated, and not circulation.

Black tea is considered a classic among hot drinks. Shortly brewed black tea is stimulating because of the contained caffeine. After a longer infusion time the caffeine is more and more tied by the tannines and therefore less and less stimulating.

White tea is regarded as the world’s noblest tea variety, because for this tea only the unopened buds and the most delicate leaves are harvested in spring.

Thanks to especially delicate processing, white tea retains its original mildness and when brewed up, tastes fresh and lightly sweet.

Oolong tea combines the taste of green and black tea in one single cup. Its secret is a perfectly timed oxidation process. This is what gives our oolong organic tea its unique full-bodied, balanced aroma.

During the harvesting, ripe leaves such as the so-called ‘fourth leaf’ are also picked, which is what makes Oolong leaves different from the familiar green or black tea leaves that are used.

Among experts, Oolong is regarded like a good wine, which unfolds its complexity and smoothness after being stored correctly for a certain length of time.

Matcha tea is considered to be the best, healthiest tea and superfood par excellence. With its extremely high concentration of valuable vitamins, caffeine, amino acids and cell-protecting antioxidants, Matcha is unique.

It is no ordinary green tea powder. For four weeks before being harvested the tea plants are shaded, to have the leaves grow more slowly. 

Matcha is ground in stone or granite mills as slowly and carefully as possible. Each production step is carried out with the utmost care and attention, bringing the drink to its fullest richness. And the preparation of Matcha is a ritual in itself. 

Mate Tea (or Yerba Mate) is a typical South American drink. It is one of the most favoured drinks in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Now it is becoming ever more popular in Europe.

The ingredients in Mate tea dampen the feeling of hunger and ensure that the body is supplied with important nutrients. Mate tea also stimulates kidney activity, metabolism and digestion, which ultimately supports the weight loss.