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Buy Tea Strainers Online at Hana Tea House

Tea Strainer

The very first thing that most of us need as soon as we wake up in the morning is a cup of tea. Amidst all that hectic work in office, a cup of tea is also what we crave for at five in the evening. Unlike some people who prefer those shots of espresso, we Irish usually prefer strong tea which is sweet and milky.

Tea bags are easy to use, but they don't let you enjoy a strong tea that three spoonful of loose-leaf tea would. This is why most people prefer boiling their tea with some milk and sugar. A good tea strainer is very important if you don't want to have tea extracts spoiling the taste and preventing you from enjoying your cup of tea.

On the other hand, tea strainer is ideal when you prepare tea just for yourself or for your best friends who have come to spend an evening in your house. All you have to do is fill the infuser with loose tea leaves, close the lid and place it in the mug or teapot.

Minimal mess is among the many merits of the humble teabag, but loose-leaf tea offers the scope and flexibility to tailor your brew, from the temperature of the water to the quantity of leaves, and even the blend of tea itself.

The best tea strainer will allow the flavours of the leaves to disperse through the filter, while preventing any bits from doing the same. Certain types are designed to make one cup, reducing wastage. Alternatively, a tea strainer will allow you to strain loose-leaf tea into a teapot.

Discover our tried and tested picks of the best tea strainer or infusers for making loose-leaf tea mess-free!

Tea Strainer - Handy, Stylish and Functional

Tea strainer is made from materials like aluminum, brass, nickel, nylon, plastic, polyresin, silicon, steel and stainless steel. The strainers that are made from stainless steel have a good finish and last for a long time. Mesh strainers are also very handy when you need to prepare broth, soup and drinks like nut milk. Tea strainers come in a wide range of attractive styles, designs, colors and sizes and are durable and easy to clean.

Tea strainers usually have handles that will provide a good grip and let you comfortably hold them, so you don’t have to worry about spilling hot liquid and burning your hands. Some even have small loops in the end that let you easily hang them on the wall, thus saving space in your kitchen. As you are most likely to hang these strainers on one of the many hooks in your kitchen, it could be good to choose something that goes with its interiors. If you don’t find a color that matches the interiors of your kitchen, stainless steel strainers can be a great option.

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