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Order Your Vegan Tea Today From Hana Tea House

Vegan Tea

Looking to throw an afternoon tea for yourself and your loved ones? We offer a range of vegan teas that are gluten-free, and are available to order for delivery in Ireland. So, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home! With different options to choose from, you can get gluten-free goodies for your vegan tea, delivered right to your door.

The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are traditionally used for making tea. Caffeine-free teas are also usually made from plant matter, such as herbal and fruit teas. On the other hand, some teas contain more than just water and plant material. It is not vegan to add extra flavoring from milk or honey to improve the tea taste. These products contain ingredients derived from animals, and therefore they are not vegan. When trying to stick to a plant-based diet, it can be helpful to know the many tea varieties such as green and black teas, and how they’re often prepared at coffee shops.

When consuming plant-based diets, tea comes with a host of health benefits. Apart from keeping you hydrated and giving you a variety of beverage options, tea contains ingredients that have been shown to benefit your digestive system, stress levels, and heart. Antioxidants, caffeine, and hydration are additional benefits of tea. Adding animal products such as milk or honey to a tea beverage, however, will make the drink non-vegan. If there are no vegan alternatives to drinks such as bubble tea, milk tea, and chai lattes, then avoid ordering these beverages.

Order your vegan tea today and sit back, relax, and wait for it to arrive!

Totally Vegan Tea at Hana Tea House

For those making the decision to go vegan it means zero animal based products in your food and drink. No meat, no animal fats like milk and butter or cheese, no eggs, no fish, and for strict vegans no honey either. And this is where you need to choose your vegan teas a little more carefully. Because some of our infusions include honey and bee pollen or blended flavours like caramel which is of course made with dairy products.

So, is tea vegan? To answer the question directly - yes, tea is vegan. Any tea made from plants and plants alone, is vegan and can be safely consumed as part of a vegan diet. Most teas are vegan, and those that aren't are usually vegetarian.

The entire line of Hana Tea House products is vegan-friendly! We are non-GMO certified and use natural flavorings in our teas. Our range of teas contain no to low sugar as well. Our vegan teas are great for your health, animals, and the planet.

Each vegan (and therefore also vegetarian) tea blend uses natural ingredients and flavorings with tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant to create a delicious drink. No animal derived products necessary.

Our entire range is better for the environment, does not use any animal products and doesn't cost the earth. In short, everyone wins. Place your order now!