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White Tea Into Your Morning Cup

White Tea

Most essential is to establish what White Tea is made of and how it finds its way into your morning cup. These leaves come from the same place as Black, Green and Oolong Tea: The Camellia sinensis (Tea) plant. The difference between each type happens at the factory. White Tea, in particular, undergoes only a minimal amount of processing, which has a significant influence on its taste and character.

Workers first wither the Loose Tea before allowing it to oxidize for an exceptionally short period. This prevents it from experiencing the chemical change to its structure that most associate with Black Tea. The result is that it retains the vast majority of its natural qualities, including its antioxidants. In fact, as White Tea is the least processed type, it has more antioxidants than ever-popular Green Tea.

But where did it all begin? Legend has it that an ancient Chinese emperor named Shennong was the man Who Discovered Tea some 5,000 years ago. While the story goes that he stumbled upon Green Tea, others would argue that it was, in reality, White Tea. Early records suggest that an almost “prototype” White Tea came into existence during the Chinese Tang Dynasty (616-906 CE).

The first reference nevertheless didn’t appear until the Song Dynasty (906-1127 CE), featuring in the book “Treatise on Tea,” written by Emperor Huizong himself. This period saw its consumption reserved only for royalty and dignitaries of the Emperor’s court. It was also late arriving in the West. Evidence indicates that it first came in 1876 - we’re simply glad that it got here eventually.

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White tea is the rarest, most exclusive type of tea that is grown. Only the world's finest tea producers produce white tea on order, with less than 0.1% of their overall produce being white tea. Due to its uniqueness, difficulty of production, the personal time of experts required, and the laws of demand and supply, the average white tea price is usually exceedingly high.

White tea is one of our tea collection’s most delightful specialties that will instantly awaken your taste buds. Once reserved only for the royal teacups of Emperors, our Hana Tea House artisans follow the same time-honoured traditions of handpicking and sun drying the finest leaves and buds of the tea plant. Smooth, elegant and pristine - a princess among teas.

Apart from having a divine taste, it’s also perfect for your overall health. It can boost your immune system, improve your cardiovascular health, and even help you shed some excess pounds. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Since it’s packed with antioxidants, it’s also excellent for your skin. It can help you combat free radicals, thus help your skin stay young-looking, radiant, and healthy.

Furthermore, white tea is arguably the most expensive type of tea that one can buy in Ireland. However, with our expertise, goodwill and supply chain, we are able to offer you the cheapest, most value-for-money white tea price by far. At Hana Tea House, you can buy white tea online now and get the best discounts and offers.