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Halimun Jade Oolong Tea
Halimun Jade Oolong Tea
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Halimun Jade Oolong Tea

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Indonesia Halimun Jade Oolong tea (90g) 

On the west coast of the Indonesian island of Java, in the middle of the protected national park Gunung Halimun, this unusually fine, milky-fresh Oolong thrives in the volcanic soil. The juicy, vibrant green tea pearls are rolled by hand and develop an exquisite sweet flavor when brewed. 


100% Halimun Jade Organic Oolong Tea


⚖️ 10-12 g/l
⏳ 2-3 Min
💧🌡️  70-80°C

Did you know that:

- during the harvesting, ripe leaves such as the so-called ‘fourth leaf’ are also picked, which is what makes Oolong leaves different from the familiar green or black tea leaves that are used,

- among experts, Oolong is regarded like a good wine, which unfolds its complexity and smoothness after being stored correctly for a certain length of time,

- Oolong tea combines the taste of green and black tea in one single cup. Its secret is a perfectly timed oxidation process. This is what gives our oolong organic tea its unique full-bodied, balanced aroma.

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An exquisite tea-drinking experience for everyone
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We have tracked down some delectable rarities on the world’s most remote tea plantations for you. Only a few kilograms of these teas are harvested per year and their special character and unique aromas have been cultivated and refined over centuries.