Iron Teapot "Rischi" 0.6 L – Hana Tea House
Iron Teapot "Rischi" 0.6 L
Iron Teapot "Rischi" 0.6 L
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Iron Teapot "Rischi" 0.6 L

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Cast iron teapots produced today are still following old traditions and models. These wonderful pots are very popular due to their longevity and their heat-preserving nature.

They are also very low-maintenance as they are coated in enamel on the inside.

Highest quality teapot "Rischi" is made by Nanbu Iron Studio in Tokyo, Japan.

Colour: black

Capacity: 0.6 L

"How-to-Use" tips:

Before using your cast iron teapot: 

- thoroughly rinse the teapot with hot water, then pour away the water,

- while the pot is still warm, dry the teapot inside and out with a dry cloth.

When using your teapot always note the following:

- never heat over a naked flame; when using a hotplate, keep at a low temperature, 

- never use in a microwave and avoid contact with salt and oil.

How to clean your cast iron teapot:

- wait for the teapot to cool, 

- do not use any washing-up product to clean the teapot, use clean water only, 

- take out the strainer and wash separately, 

- rinse the inside of teapot with clean water 

- do not leave any tea in or water in the pot after use and dry thoroughly after each use with dry cloth.