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Organic Mate - Mint Blend
Organic Mate - Mint Blend
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Organic Mate - Mint Blend

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Mint Blend - Peppermint Taste (250g)

Mate Tea (Yerba Mate) is a typical South American drink. It is one of the most favoured drinks in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Now Yerba Mate is becoming popular in Europe with people drinking more of it daily, just like in South America.

Here we offer you a choice of the best organic Mate from South America. Yerba Mate - the gift of the stars!

Enjoy this green mate with peppermint taste!


Mate green* (86%), peppermint* (13%), maca root*. *Certified Organic


⚖️ 3g /200 ml
⏳ 2 min
💧🌡️ 75°C

Did you know that:

- First and foremost, mate is appreciated for its awakening and mood enhancing happy effects. Matein, a caffeine- like compound, is responsible for this effect.

- Compared to coffee and caffeine, mate has the upper hand as it doesn’t make you feel nervous or tingly.

- In addition there is the unique combination of matein with a special xanthin. It stimulates the central nervous system the same way other xanthines (coffee), but - in contrast to caffeine - does not make you dependent. Furthermore, unlike caffeine, it helps promote a calm sleep and lowers blood pressure by relaxing. Mate has a stimulating and relaxing effect!

- Mate offers the vitamins A, B1, B2, E and C which are very important for humans. It also contains trace elements of magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. Other ingredients stimulate the formation of saliva and gastric juice and promote digestion.

- Mate tea boosts the metabolism. The increased turnover naturally increases the burning of fat in the body.

- Mate is said to consist of more than 250 components. About 200 are clearly identified. Among other vitamins it contains carotenoids with provitamin A activity. Carotenoids are often said to be beneficial and health. Most of them function as antioxidants and radical scavengers. In addition, they should also protect and nourish the skin. Therefore helping the skin to remain wrinkle-free for longer and sustain a healthy and radiant complexion.

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