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Shu Yunnan Pu-Erh (Black) Tea Cake

Shu Yunnan Pu-Erh (Black) Tea Cake

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China Shu Yunnan Pu-Erh (Black) Tea Cake (200g)

Whether as a means of payment, a noble present or to simplify transportation, pressed tea has been used for a variety of different reasons ever since the Han Dynasty.

Originally, the tea was pressed directly after harvesting and matured in its pressed form, but another processing method quickly established itself. While at the time it was designated as “artificially matured”, today the expression “post-fermented” is quite familiar.

This completely fermented tea, called “Shu” (mature), is humidified, pressed into a round form and matures a second time in this pressed form. This tea has a classically sweet, earthy flavour and can be steeped up to five times.


100% Organic Shu Pu-Erh Tea


⚖️ 3 heaped tsp/l
⏳ 3-5 Min
💧🌡️  100°C

- our tip - cut a small piece (about 1 tbs) of the tea cake and put in a cup or pot. Add boiling water to the tea and discard after seconds. This is to "rinse" the tea. Add more boiling water to the rinsed tea leaves. Steep for 3-5 minutes. These already infused tea leaves can be infused 3-4 times. Enjoy the delicious flavour!

Did you know that:

 - this tea is picked, processed and partially fired, allowing the leaves to retain moisture. The slightly moist tea is then piled. The natural bacterium on the leaves creates a reaction similar to that of a compost pile. The tea is then aged, in special underground rooms or caves, adding to its unique character. 

- the producer of this tea is mainland China's first World Fair Trade certified company. Their mission is to assist rural families in rising their standard of living and inspiring future prospects. Their "T project" is currently being developed among 21 villages in southwest Yunnan, the majority of which are of Dai, Lahu and Wa ethnicity. 

- every product they help them make, brings with it more opportunities for higher education, jobs and increase in the general well-being of the community. At the same time it benefits you, the customer, by presenting a tea of surpassing quality, nutrition and taste.

- in China the local people believe Pu-Erh tea breaks down fat and increases levels of "good" cholesterol in the body.

- to find out more about all tea types, just click here!

An exquisite tea-drinking experience for everyone
who loves a special treat