The "Earl Grey Me Time" Hamper – Hana Tea House
The "Earl Grey Me Time" Hamper

The "Earl Grey Me Time" Hamper

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We proudly present you our first ultimate hamper collection. Full of delicious products for ultimate tea, chocolate and sweets lovers!

Inside of this amazing hamper you can find:

Tea-For-One-Set "Enisa" - This is the "Original ChaCult Set" made from high quality Chinese ceramics. It is made out of very carefully selected raw materials. The elaborate decorations are all exclusively hand-painted. The complete set is handcrafted and therefore a unique and stylish work of art. Set "Enisa" contains 0.4 L teapot, 0.2 L cup and saucer. The whole set is dishwasher suitable and microwave safe.

- Finest White Dragon Silverneedle Earl Grey White Tea Blend with bergamot taste - 40g security sealed tin - A classic reinterpreted. White Dragon Silver Needles tea is refined with elegant oil of bergamot. This creates an unprecedented aroma spectrum that will delight your senses.  

- Finest Assam Tonganagaon Earl Grey Black Tea Blend with bergamot taste - 70 g security sealed tin - You don’t need much to make something special even better. Finest black tea becomes a very special flavour experience, thanks to the bergamot oil. Treat yourself to a cup of this unique tea.

- 3 Nougat Bars with Peanuts "Quaranta La Dolce Vita" - 3 x 100g - These bars are something very special! The nougat mass consists of peanuts and is therefore a favourable alternative to the traditional bars with almonds. In terms of taste, these bars can absolutely keep up and the selection with almonds, exotic, dark chocolate, cranberries and amaretti anyway!

* the basket is not included - if you would like to add the basket, please get in touch!