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The "Matcha Time" Hamper

The "Matcha Time" Hamper

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We proudly present you our first ultimate hamper collection. Full of delicious products for ultimate tea, chocolate and sweets lovers!

Inside of this amazing hamper you can find:

Matcha Ginger Lemon Blend - 30g tin - Refreshingly different is this Matcha: with a pleasantly spicy ginger note and fruity lemon accents, the blend of Matcha brings a refreshing relief to the palate.

- Matcha Bergamot Lemon Blend - 30g tin - Light bergamot flavour combined with refreshing lemon flavor is already a pleasure, but blended with Matcha a feast for the senses! This Matcha creation fascinates!    

- Matcha Super Green Blend - 30g tin - The spicy chilli note is perfect for mixing mild herbs such as wheatgrass and dandelion with the best organic matcha! A spicy matcha invigorates the body and stimulates the mind. 

Turmeric Matcha Blend - 125g resealable zipper bag - India meets Matcha! The noble spice is combined with high-quality Matcha to an exclusive tea-spice mixture. Two powders, an excellent moment of pleasure.

* the basket is not included - if you would like to add the basket, please get in touch!