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The Ultimate Tea Rarities Hamper

The Ultimate Tea Rarities Hamper

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We proudly present you our first ultimate hamper collection. Full of delicious products for ultimate tea, chocolate and sweets lovers!

Inside of this amazing hamper you can find:

Rukeri White Highlands White Tea from Rwanda - 40g security sealed tin - In Rwanda, Africa, the very rare White Tea Rukeri is harvested against a backdrop of natural lakes and conservation areas. The spicy-sweet notes in combination with a crystal clear infusion round off the overall impression tastefully. 

- Finest Assam Tonganagaon Earl Grey Black Tea with bergamot taste - 70g security sealed tin - You don’t need much to make something special even better. Finest black tea becomes a very special flavour experience, thanks to the bergamot oil. Treat yourself to a cup of this unique tea.    

- Lung Ching Superior Green Tea - 70g security sealed tin - The ‘Dragon Well‘ is one of China’s most extraordinary teas. Rolled and pressed by hand, its leaves have a sweet, fruity aroma paired with savory notes of umami. The cup is of a clear emerald green.

1st Flush Jun Chiyabari Oolong Tea from Nepal - 80g security sealed tin - In the altitude of the Nepalese Himalayas, at over 1,800 meters above sea level, tea leaves grow very slowly, which gives them a particularly intensive, chocolate-like aroma. Semi-fermented, they create a first-class Oolong with a nutty fresh note.

* the basket is not included - if you would like to add the basket, please get in touch!