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Woojeon Green Tea
Woojeon Green Tea
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Woojeon Green Tea

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South Korea Woojeon Green Tea (80g)

The leaves of the Woojeon are carefully harvested before Gokwoo, the first rainfall. Only the finest buds and tenderest leaves are processed in the traditional way, to create this extraordinary tea. The taste is reminiscent of steamed Japanese green teas, sweet and savory at the same time. The cup Intense Jade green color, captivating.


100% Woojeon Green Organic Green tea


⚖️ 12-15 g/l
⏳ 1.5-3 Min
💧🌡️ 70-80°C

Did you know that:

- Woojeon Green tea comes from Jeju Island, which is the largest island in South Korea, which lies in the Korea Strait,

- traditional Far Eastern medicine considers green tea to be a cure for many physical and psychological ailments, 

- today we know that this highly prized effect is due, not least, to the combination of its active ingredients, caffeine and catechin, 

- this fact ensures that it is primarily the mind which is stimulated, and not circulation.

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An exquisite tea-drinking experience for everyone
who loves a special treat

We have tracked down some delectable rarities on the world’s most remote tea plantations for you. Only a few kilograms of these teas are harvested per year and their special character and unique aromas have been cultivated and refined over centuries.