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Ice Tea


Iced teas are the ultimate refreshment for hot and torrid afternoons. Some citrusy, some sweet and some tangy, our Iced teas are blends of beautiful loose green tea, rejuvenating herbs, tantalizing spices, and robust fruits and flowers. Brewed cold or hot, these teas are bound to help you get into the summer vibes

Unlike in winters, as the summers approach, we do not prefer hot drinks. Hot beverages become our total non favourites. Hence, we constantly search for better and cooler beverages. Therefore, we have a range of simply amazing iced teas, with the same properties but a lot cooler taste to revive your mood during summers.

Iced tea is a novel way of adorning your evenings. You can sip on the tea and watch your favourite T.V shows and appreciate how good life is. Iced tea has a wide range of flavours to choose from, in the market. Not to forget, with so many varieties of iced teas available in the market, you will never get bored of it. Pick a new one every day!

Regardless of the temperature, it is served at, iced tea is packed with antioxidants. Iced tea keeps your body hydrated during summer months and prevents cramps that are common due to lack of water in the body. Ice tea is known to calm down the nerves real quick. One can de-stress completely after a long day of work, by sipping on some delicious iced tea.

If you wish to cut down on calories, then try unsweetened iced tea or add other natural sweeteners like honey. Additionally, iced tea is an excellent pick-me-up on a tired, sultry afternoon. Instead of accumulating the calories with soft drinks, try iced-tea instead, experiencing its cooling effects.

Ice Tea- Every Sip Energizes Your Soul and Relaxes Your Mind

Many people find it difficult to make ice tea, as it is believed, making it is a long process, but honestly, it doesn’t take any more time to make than your everyday tea. Plus, the flavour variety is simply outstanding. Hana Tea House stocks some really unique iced tea flavours, so if you wish to try out new iced tea recipe then Hana Tea House should be your go-to website. Research has proved that ice tea is a storehouse of many different health benefitting nutrients and properties which gives you all the more reason to incorporate iced tea into your diet.

People nowadays have become very health conscious and are aware of the pros and cons of every nutrient in whatever they consume. Iced tea is an alternative to other drinks, because it is healthy, tasty, and is the ultimate coolant on a hot summer day. It is completely herbal and organic, meant to provide energy to the body. It contains niacin amide, folic acid, amino acid, and other trace minerals with polyphenols and flavonoids.

Hana Tea House believes in serving the best quality products to you - our customers. All thanks to our partners and experts working at Hana Tea House, the tea is scrutinized down to the last detail before being delivered to the customers. We have a plethora of iced tea flavours available on their website. Some of the best-selling iced tea flavours are Green Ice Tea, Black Tea Fruit, and Red Ice Tea - Rooibos Fruit.

Buy quality ice tea online at your online tea store, Hana Tea House.  Feel free to experiment with other types of tea — if you find a winner do let us know.